Software engineer, architect, consultant.

I have spent my career doing custom software development for clients. I started in the Advertising world working on marketing/promotion websites and then went to a consulting firm working working across all industries helping enterprises with their software needs. My focus has primarily been on JVM languages and Javascript although some others come up when necessary.

I have worked across many industries: consumer products, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and government. I have worked in lots of different team configurations and sizes ranging from small 2 engineers teams to about 40 engineers arranged on various sub teams.

I am always curious what makes software teams great. This curiousity also expands beyond team to observe various software communities and see how software evolves over time. I think no language is 'bad' and sure I have my favorites but I love to learn new things and will try anything at least once.

It took me a long time to find mentors in software and I hope as time permits I can help others who might have various industry/career type questions. I am happy to answer questions (non-debugging/my code won't compile etc). Send me an email at bkern at bkern.dev

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